SeDuMi at GitHub:
This provides the most recent compiled MEX files of SeDuMi, courtesy of Jonathan Currie, Michael Grant, and Johan Lofberg. It has precompiled MEX files for 32-bit Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as full support for Octave.

SeDuMi 1.3:
SeDuMi 1.3 Includes the binaries for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac) for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Tested with Matlab versions 2007b to 2009b.

SeDuMi for Octave:
A special version of SeDuMi 1.21, made to work with Octave 3.2.2, courtesy of Danny Keogan. Here are his comments about this release: “With a small number of changes I was able to get SeDuMi 1.21 working with Ocatve 3.2.2. My initial platform was Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope, 64-bit) but I should be able to check it on Windows soon. I made the changes so that the same sources could be used for MATLAB and Octave (i.e. significant changes are suitably conditioned). The attached archive contains the original distribution (without the examples and docs for size) and changes checked into RCS. This way a description for why each change was made can be found.”

SeDuMi 1.1 user’s guide
This guide contains a short description of all the options and parameters in SeDuMi 1.1. It does not contain examples or tutorials. Should you need them, you can download the old (1.05) guide. Both user guides are included in the distribution.

SeDuMi 1.05 R5 user’s guide
The user guide for SeDuMi 1.05 R5 by Jos Sturm. This is the last guide by Jos. It contains details about SeDuMi’s calling sequence, mathematics, implementation and lots of references. It is also included in the program distributions.

Optimization over symmetric cones